Used to have a little, now I have a lot


LB’s post-Christmas high is being harshed on by the cozy dimensions of the cozy house.  Too bad we didn’t have this beast while we were visiting Scottsdale.


While B and I may lack small drivable cars, I did find this hoard in the cabinet while looking for my spinach pie pan.  It was full of candy.  This pile reminds me of the part of CandyFreak when Steve Almond lists all the candy he currently has in his possession.  Thankfully, unlike Steve, we don’t have any off-site stashes.  And we have an excessive amount of Jordon Almonds mostly because I like Jordon Almonds, but I’ve become a bit protective of my teeth around candy, after losing a large portion of a molar to a buckeye caramel some years ago (I tried to spell it carmel, which I guess explains how I pronounce that word).

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