Different Meeting, Same Result

We went to LB’s 2nd IEP eligibility meeting today and got denied a 2nd time.  But at least this team was kind and competent, so there’s that.  And as usual, LB waited until we were all freaking out to have her yearly developmental explosion.  I wonder how many years we’ll be doing this.  We also got some gems from LB’s new evaluation, after which she apparently put on her Elmo vest, told the evaluator “I’ll see you another time,” and exited the building.

While the personal is fine, the political is still completely f-ed up.  I just happened to be reading the RI KidsCount new issue brief on kids with disabilities in RI, and saw a graph of kids with disabilities receiving services by age.  The numbers go up until age three, drop significantly, and then rise again at ages five and six, which tells me that a lot the kids who get kicked off the roles at age three end up having problems when they reach K and 1st grade.  I’m trying to find a productive way to focus my fist shaking energy.

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