Dinner Strategies

Last week included a couple bad night of eating cheese popcorn for dinner.  When I was younger, I could revel in cheese popcorn for dinner, but now I just imagine my blood pressure rising.  So, this week I decided to step it up, and on Sunday I spent a couple hours making green curry with chicken, pasta sauce, and stew.  That should hold us for most of the week, and it’s all stuff that just has to be heated up.

With the new job, I’ve been getting home later and it’s hard to have a good dinner strategy.  Add to that, one day last week when I spent AN HOUR waiting for the bus with LB to get the bus that would take us home.  The sun set as we waited and poor LB was whimpering “I’m chilly.”  At times like that carseat orthodoxy really sucks.  Three different daycare parents offered us rides, but I felt like I couldn’t say yes because LB wouldn’t have a carseat, and that would basically make me the Brittany Spears of daycare.

This week will be better.  We have a plan.

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